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Due to COVID-19, there's a shortage of invasive ventilators, but non-invasive ventilation isn't being used. There are more than 1M non-invasive ventilators in the world and are shown to be an effective treatment for mild COVID-19 cases. But... non-invasive ventilation masks are prone to aerosolization, increasing the risk of spreading COVID-19. With extensive research, our team has created a foldable, aerosolization-proof ventilation mask — the PolyMask

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We can filter out 99% of air particles and viruses, making it a highly effective invasive ventilator substitute for mild COVID-19 patients

Cost Effective

The average market price of ventilation masks is $100 and PolyMask is proposed to cost approximately $12 to manufacture

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection

Current ventilation masks are cleaned with water or 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol. PolyMask can be cleaned using Ultraviolet Disinfection

Easy Fitting

PolyMask's foldable design and folding mechanisms allows the mask to easily be adjusted to fit onto many faces of different sizes


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Learn more about our work, roadmap, and more in our pitch and 1-pager below

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PolyMask on CP24

On April 29, our Co-Founder, Marcus Chan was interviewed on CP24's Breakfast to talk about PolyMask's

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The Team


Ryan Lam

Co-Founder & Lead
Unionville High School
Markham, Ontario

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Marcus Chan

Co-Founder & Business Logistics
Richmond Hill High School
Richmond Hill, Ontario

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Vedaant Varshney

Design & Engineering
Central Peel Secondary School
Brampton, Ontario

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We're currently looking for individuals with experience in medical engineering, medical regulations, product distribution and manufacturing.

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